New Balance Foundation Obesity Prevention Center

Kids running with a girl wearing a New Balance shirt - obesity prevention

Preventing childhood obesity for a healthier tomorrow

The New Balance Foundation Obesity Prevention Center Boston Children's Hospital is a resource for parents, children, health care providers and others who are dedicated to combating childhood obesity.

Over the last several decades, obesity has become an epidemic that puts happy, healthy futures in danger. Boston Children’s Hospital and the New Balance Foundation unite under a common goal to create healthy and happy lifestyles that last into adulthood.

Our experts are working toward building helpful resources for children and parents that community organizations can use to enrich their member’s lifestyles and health outcomes. 

Leadership corporate philanthropy - New Balance Foundation

In 2011, the New Balance Foundation made a decision that changed the trajectory of the childhood obesity epidemic. The Foundation generously pledged $7M to fund and establish the New Balance Foundation Obesity Prevention Center Boston Children’s Hospital.

Their exceptional generosity has had a tremendous impact on the strength and scope of our program, accelerating scientific inquiry and enabling its translation into prevention initiatives and interventions that work. Their vital philanthropic investment has allowed us to answer critical research questions and disseminate our work in more than 60 scientific publications and articles in the last eight years. They have enabled the creation of innovative, replicable programs that are changing the way kids and their parents think about nutrition and physical activity. New Balance Foundation’s leadership and partnership has positioned Boston Children’s among the nation’s foremost authorities on pediatric obesity treatment and prevention, giving us a stronger voice as advocates for children’s health.

Most recently, New Balance Foundation announced another landmark gift of $7.5M to Boston Children’s bringing their cumulative giving to $18M — all focused on eradicating childhood obesity. The new philanthropic support will enable us to expand and enhance clinical care through innovative pediatric collaborations, advance childhood obesity research, and spread helpful knowledge and resources around the country and the world through unique work with community organizations and schools. Read more >>