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Celiac patient care guide

Your Visit

Please bring all up-to-date medical records related to celiac disease and your child’s diagnosis. This includes any lab results, growth charts and medical notes you have from previous doctor visits.

Since celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder and symptoms can be related to other types of conditions, it is important to avoid a gluten free diet until you see one of the doctors on our team. By avoiding a gluten free diet our team can make an accurate diagnosis.

If your child’s diagnosis with celiac disease is confirmed, a gluten free diet is highly effective. We can provide tips on how to integrate this new diet into your family’s routines.

After your child is on a treatment plan, it is important to stay connected and follow your physicians’ recommendations. This includes coming for regular follow-up visits.

At your follow-up appointments we will:

  • screen for any other areas that need attention related to celiac disease and ensure your child is doing well physically
  • discuss any challenges you’ve had maintaining a gluten free diet and possible ways to address them
  • update you on the latest development in celiac disease, new dietary recommendations and any medical advancements that may be helpful