Augmentative Communication Program | Our Services

The Augmentative Communication Program focuses on identifying communication options for persons with communication impairment and determines the most appropriate high-tech, low-tech and/or no-tech solutions. The Augmentative Communication Program also develops and assists in the creation of new applied technologies.

An interdisciplinary team provides the following services:

  • Evaluation: Speech, language, positioning and gross/fine motor skills are assessed.
  • Determination of Need: Feature match a person's strengths and needs to available or potentially available augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) solutions 


The Augmentative Communication Program staff works closely with other hospital and community resources to provide optimal services for each individual.

The Mary Kaye Fund supports the Augmentative Communication Program to purchase simple augmentative communication tools for qualifying children who live in Massachusetts.

Lacy Augmentative Communication Lab

The Lacy Augmentative Communication Lab, gifted to the Augmentative Communication Program (ACP) by the Clive W. and Mona M. Lacy Trust, assures that the ACP has state-of-the-art augmentative communication technology available on site for outpatient evaluations and therapy.

In many instances, when the outcome of an assessment yields a recommendation for a functional trial, ACP staff are able to loan equipment to patients through the Lacy Augmentative Communication Technology Lending Program. Loans are based on technology availability. When borrowed, families and patients agree to participate in on-going therapy/monitoring in the ACP during the trial. The Lacy Augmentative Communication Lab also serves as a training site for small groups.