Department of Neurosurgery | Programs and Services

Centers and Programs

A wide range of conditions, from the common to the most complex, are treated by the programs and services within the Department of Neurosurgery.

Brain Injury Center 617-355-6388
Complex Cervical Spine Program 617-355-6021
Epilepsy Center 617-355-7970
Head, Neck and Skull Base Surgery Program 617-355-5798
Hydrocephalus Program 617-355-6008
Medulloblastoma Program 617-632-2680
Moyamoya Disease Program 617-355-1379
Neurofibromatosis Program 617-355-6394 for NF1, 617-355-6388 for NF2
Spina Bifida Center 617-355-8532
Tethered Spinal Cord Program 617-355-6008