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PHCA is now offering Virtual Visits as an additional means of extending care to our patients. These visits will connect you to a PHCA clinician though a secure and confidential live-interactive video system. This service will allow your child to receive the care they need right from home. Similar to face-to-face visits, the clinician will review your child’s symptoms, answer questions and discuss next steps.

A virtual visit is similar to a regular face-to-face visit. You will be able to talk to clinician in real time. The clinician will be able to do a ‘visual examination’ of your child. Lab results and medications can be reviewed, and new prescriptions issued if appropriate.

You will need a mobile smartphone or tablet, such as an iPhone, Android or iPad. The MyChart app and Zoom video conferencing app should be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play to the device that you will be using. The documents linked below contain QR links to the appropriate apps for your device’s operating system.

Virtual Visits are scheduled by our office staff, and at this time, cannot be directly scheduled through MyChart. Please call the office as you would to schedule an in person appointment and our staff will be able to help you determine if a Virtual Visit is appropriate for your child. You may also use the Request an Appointment activity on MyChart to message our triage staff.

Patients age 13 and older will need their OWN MyChart account in order to manage their Virtual Visit appointments. Parents and guardians will not be able to access the Virtual Visit for patients age 13 and older. For assistance in signing up for MyChart, please contact the office at 978-535-1110, option 8.


Getting ready for your Virtual Visit          Virtual Visit Instructions