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Many children hit developmental speech and language milestones within typical age expectancy; however, some children may require specialized attention in order to acquire new skills or stay on track developmentally. When you notice a broadening gap between your child’s skills and the skills of other children in his or her peer group, it can be a very frightening time. Pediatric Health Care Associates is proud to offer the highest quality speech and language services.

Speech and language skills are broken down in to a number of categories, including articulation (the precision of a child’s speech), expressive language (a child’s use of language, including length of utterance, grammar, and vocabulary), receptive language (a child’s understanding of language, including ability to follow directions and answer questions), and pragmatic language skills (a child’s ability to understand and use social parameters to develop meaningful relationships). Within these broad areas, our speech-language pathologists treat communication disabilities and delays secondary to Autism Spectrum Disorder, fluency disorders, voice disorders, hearing loss, congenital anomalies, and generalized speech and language delay/disorder.

What to do if your child has a communication deficit

If you or your child’s pediatrician have identified a communication deficit, our speech language pathologist can help! We will start by evaluating your child’s communication skills and developing an individualized treatment program. Sessions are 45 minutes and typically occur on a weekly basis. Our sessions involve a combination of drill and play-based activities and will include home programming to ensure that your child’s communication deficit is resolved as effectively and efficiently as possible.

To learn more, or make an appointment with our speech and language pathologist, please contact our Melrose office at 781-665-5131 x3323.

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