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PHCA's commitment to providing your family with the best possible care continues with the addition of mental health services. Many of our patients find they need someone to talk to about life problems or mental health issues. Access to pediatric and family counseling is limited in many communities, and that's why we began offering these services at our Peabody location in 2010. As experts in providing therapy to children, adolescents, and families, our clinicians can work with you to navigate these complicated issues. A wide variety of concerns may be addressed, including but not limited to behavioral problems, ADHD, depression, anxiety, self-injury, and pervasive developmental disorders (PDD) such as Asperger's and autism.

Pediatric Health Care Associates is proud to offer mental health services as part of our integrated care model. Our on-site therapists offer a variety of supports:

Clinical assessments

Clinical assessments where you and your child will participate in a diagnostic interview about your child's development and level of functioning in all areas. The purpose of this assessment is to determine appropriate level of care and to provide referrals if necessary.

Individual therapy & family support

Brief individual therapy/ family support is provided to children and families who would benefit from short term treatment for symptoms that can likely be managed in 8-12 sessions.

Referrals & support

Referrals and support is available for families who need assistance with connecting to providers for long term care and/or access to resources and strategies to use at home.


All mental health services are available in our Peabody office. To schedule an appointment with one of our mental health clinicians, please consult your PCP to obtain an internal referral or contact our office at 978-535-1110.

Mental Health Professionals