Current Environment:

PHCA accepts a variety of different health plans. Insurance companies have multiple plans for you to choose from. We kindly remind you that it is your responsibility to make sure we are in network with the plan you have selected. You should also be aware of your plan’s benefits and your responsibility for copayments, and deductibles.  

It is our practice policy that copayments are due at the time of visit. Payments can be made with MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express. We also accept cash or check.

As we strongly encourage the maintenance of good health, we routinely perform screening tests for hearing, vision, anemia, urinary problems, lead poisoning, tuberculosis (TB), cholesterol, and developmental screening. Additional tests may be recommended by your child’s provider. You may receive an additional bill for deductibles, copayments, or coinsurances for services that are not covered, as required by your plan with your insurance company. We do offer payment options to assist you in paying your bill. Please call the number on your statement for assistance.

Account balances may be paid on your MyChart Portal. For patients with billing access, you can use the following link: MyChart Login

If you do not have My Chart billing access, please follow the link Make a payment and use the account number that is provided on your statement.

What if you do not have health insurance or your plan is out of network with our practice?

Due to the No Surprise Act, we are required to provide you with an estimate of the charges you will be responsible for at your visit. We ask that payment is made toward your balance during the time of your visit.

For additional information about the No Surprise Act please visit

Need assistance in applying for health insurance?

Please visit the Massachusetts Health Connector or call at 1-877-623-6765 for further assistance enrolling in a health insurance plan. Please confirm that we are enrolled with the plan before selecting.

Receiving outside lab charges?

We do send some lab tests to outside lab agencies, (e.g. Mass General Brigham and Quest Diagnostics.)  It is the patient’s responsibility to be sure that the lab agencies used are in network with their plan. It is helpful for you to inform us of these requirements whenever diagnostic testing is ordered.

Receiving a bill with for your Well Visit?

As of January 1, 2021, changes were made to the national guidelines for billing of medical office visits. This includes how billing for routine well visits work. Under the new guidelines, if we manage a medical problem during a well visit, we are required to document and charge for this service in addition to the usual charge for the well visit itself.

While routine well visits generally do not involve co-pays or deductibles, you may be charged a co-pay or deductible when billing for a separate medical problem is identified and discussed during a routine well visit. Whether you are charged a co-pay or deductible depends on the medical insurance plan you have and is determined by your insurance company, not by our office

Letter to Patients

Any additional insurance or billing questions please call our billing office at 978-535-1110 option 7.