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Do you have questions about your child development? We have answers! Our clinicians provide the highest quality routine care for you child’s medical development, but did you know that we also have specialists to provide more focused developmental screenings to ensure that your child’s language, cognition, and motor skills are also on track?

Why a developmental screening?

PHCA clinicians complete routine developmental checks during all well child visits, however it can be difficult to get a true developmental read during these visits.  These regular well visits are performed in a medical setting where younger children may be ill at ease, and not give a true picture of their developmental progress.

What is a developmental screening?

The developmental screening visit may just be the most fun doctors visit your child will ever have! You and your child will meet with our developmental screener in a non-medical office setting. Through the use of play-based techniques, she will observe multiple areas of development, including cognition, language, fine motor, gross motor, social development, and play skills. Following the screening, our developmental consultant and one of our pediatric providers will spend time discussing our observations with you. If needed, we will collaborate as a team to develop a roadmap for intervention and will be given strategies to use at home in order to foster continued skill development.

We complete developmental screenings at our Peabody office. Our staff would be happy to book an appointment for your child. Please contact our office at 978-818-6794 to book an appointment with our developmental consultant.