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Your evaluation

When you visit the Speech-Language Pathology Program, your child will be seen for evaluation with one of our speech-language pathologists. Most evaluation sessions take about two hours; younger children may take less time and older children, more time.

One of our speech-language pathologists will talk with you and interact with your child to evaluate their language, communication, resonance, voice, fluency, and speech. Your child’s evaluation may include standardized tests, play and language sampling, and parent or teacher questionnaires. Before you go home, the speech-language pathologist will discuss the results with you. They’ll also provide an evaluation report with details of the evaluation, scores, and recommendations.

Our diagnostic evaluations are a stand-alone service that are not used as the initiation of therapy. If your child is appropriate for our short-term therapy service, we will place them on our therapy waitlist after the evaluation has been completed.

We strive to provide equitable, culturally effective, and accessible care to all families and patients. This includes interpretation services for you and your child if needed. Evaluation reports can be translated to other languages on request.

To request a speech-language evaluation, please complete an intake form.

To request an evaluation of your child’s vocal quality or nasality, please contact our program coordinator at 781-216-2237 or request an appointment online.