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Financial Considerations | Overview

Going through any transplantation process requires detailed financial planning. Knowing ahead of time what to expect is an essential part of the process. The majority of insurance companies require prior notification for all transplant services.

Because the hand transplant program is currently part of a research protocol, all pre-transplant screening and tests, the procedure itself, and the first three months of postoperative care are covered by Boston Children's Hospital. However, your own health insurance provider will need to cover the costs of immunosuppressive medications, physical therapy, follow-up visits, and health care (including hospitalizations and other procedures as needed) after the three-month postoperative date. Prior to your child's transplant, you may be asked to share your plan for paying for these costs with members of our team.

Contacting your insurance company ahead of time is one of the most important things you can do in preparation for your child’s transplant. The insurance company will help you understand your individual coverage and benefits for transplantation. You will be responsible for all co-pays and deductibles after charges have been processed.

The Pediatric Transplant Center's dedicated financial coordinator will work with your insurance company to obtain prior authorization for post-transplant care and medications, and will appeal if you are turned down.

Our financial coordinator can also assist you in identifying additional financial resources needed during the process. Assistance is available if you have no insurance or limited benefits for transplantation. The coordinator will also assist you with out-of-pocket expenses, denied services, or general financial questions.