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The Cardiac Catheterization Lab at Boston Children's Hospital is available to answer your questions, provide you with more information or make an appointment.

Simply email us at or call us at one of the numbers below.

  • to make an appointment, call 617-355-2079
  • to talk to an administrative assistant, call 617-355-6529 or 617-355-8228
  • to fax us, use 617-730-7548

Please call or email us anytime. We will respond to emails within one business day.

Referrals and second opinions

We welcome your referrals and second opinions for catheterization. Our cardiologists receive requests for several hundred second opinions each year. While many of these patients are never treated directly by Boston Children’s cardiologists, we review all cases promptly. And if families request a visit with us, we gladly see them.

This approach allows referring cardiologists and families to benefit from the extensive experience of our cardiac catheterization staff, and also improves our understanding of unusual forms of congenital and acquired heart disease.

You can request a second opinion through the Benderson Family Heart Center online or by calling 1-844-354-2160.

Find us

First time visiting the Boston Children's Hospital Main Campus? Learn about navigating the hospital experience and other resources that are available for your family.

The Cardiac Catheterization Program is located on the sixth floor of the Main Building. Enter the hospital through the Main Entrance and bear right past the fish tanks to the elevators.