Current Environment:

Research & Innovation | Overview

The BACH Program has several ongoing studies that are enrolling, including:

  • BACH Biobank: A repository of blood and urine samples from adult congenital heart patients to be stored for future studies. All congenital heart patients seen in the BACH clinic are eligible. The data from this biobank has been used for multiple studies thus far, and the samples are stored for future research.
  • Pregnancy studies: There is an ongoing data repository and registry of BACH patients with a pregnancy or delivery. The information collected includes congenital heart diagnosis, pregnancy or delivery complications and pregnancy outcomes. In addition, there is a currently enrolling study of exercise in pregnancy funded by Brigham and Women's Hospital.
  • Cognitive and mental health studies: There is an ongoing project evaluating long-term cognitive and mental health outcomes in adult patients with transposition of the great arteries including neuropsychological testing, mental health evaluations and brain MRI. A second study enrolling clinic patients for screening for cognitive problems in adults with multiple types of CHD will be starting in 2018-2019. Both studies are funded by the National Institutes of Health.

Recent research

Our physicians are also involved in many areas of research related to adults with congenital heart disease. Here is a sample of recent published studies:

Prevalence of Cancer in Adults With Congenital Heart Disease Compared With the General Population.
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