Undergraduate Degree

  • Bates College , 2002 , Lewiston , ME

Graduate Degree

PhD, Psychology
  • Indiana University , 2009 , Bloomington , IN


Clinical Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Seaver Autism Center for Research and Treatment, Mount Sinai School of Medicine , 2011 , New York , NY


Dr. Schmitt’s clinical and research activities have been focused on children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and related disorders.  She joined the staff in 2011 to create the Autism Evaluation Clinic within the Neurology Department at Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH), and helped form the Autism Spectrum Center at BCH. She is part of the Autism Friendly Hospital Initiative and helped create the My Hospital Story project. She helps run the Family Advisory Council within the Autism Spectrum Center. Her research interests include initiatives to improve the quality of care and the overall hospital experience for patients with ASD and their families.


Publications powered by Harvard Catalyst Profiles

  1. Brownstein CA, Kleiman RJ, Engle EC, Towne MC, D'Angelo EJ, Yu TW, Beggs AH, Picker J, Fogler JM, Carroll D, Schmitt RC, Wolff RR, Shen Y, Lip V, Bilguvar K, Kim A, Tembulkar S, O'Donnell K, Gonzalez-Heydrich J. Overlapping 16p13.11 deletion and gain of copies variations associated with childhood onset psychosis include genes with mechanistic implications for autism associated pathways: Two case reports. . 2016 May; 170A(5):1165-73. View abstract