Enchondroma | Symptoms & Causes

What are the symptoms of an enchondroma?

Most enchondromas don’t cause any symptoms. However, some children may experience pain in the affected area if any, or a combination of, the following occur:

  • The tumor becomes very large.
  • The tumor causes weakness of the affected bone, leading to a fracture.
  • The tumor causes abnormal growth of the affected area.

What other conditions are associated with enchondromas?

An enchondroma may appear as a solitary tumor or as multiple tumors. In cases that involve multiple tumors, the following conditions may be diagnosed:

  • Ollier's disease (enchondromatosis) — multiple enchondromas in various sites of the body; much less common than cases of single enchondroma.
  • Maffucci syndrome — multiple enchondromas associated with soft-tissue hemangiomas (benign tumors made up of blood vessels).