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This study explores the effects of an eight-week exercise intervention for adolescents with Down syndrome on home exercise compliance. As well, to observe changes in fitness including muscular strength, endurance and aerobic capacity. Finally to observe any changes in mood, behavior and quality of life.


Down Syndrome

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Detailed Description

Adolescents with Down syndrome will participate in an eight-week, center-based exercise intervention. Participants will undergo an hour of exercise intervention each week. During this time, participants will be working with a team consisting of a physician, physical therapy student volunteers, and clinical research coordinators. Exercises will focus on strength and endurance of all major muscle groups, while ensuring proper technique and form is used. They will also receive instruction on how to continue the exercise program at home. Prior to starting, and at the end of eight sessions, all exercise participants will undergo testing procedures for anthropometric, strength and flexibility measurements. This data will be collected as part of clinically evaluating the impact of the program on each participant. In addition to the exercise program (and clinical assessments of fitness), DSFit participants will complete study measures of behavioral functioning as well as scales of depression and anxiety. Participants in the DSFit study will also complete a weekly exercise log during the intervention and for a follow-up period afterwards.

Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria:

Males and females
10 to 17 years old (until 18th birthday)
Diagnosed with Down syndrome by a physician
Medically cleared to exercise

Exclusion Criteria:

Requires consistent one-on-one care
History of behavioral issues (outbursts, aggressive/self-injurious, bolting)
Pre-existing cardiovascular, respiratory or orthopedic conditions that could place participant at risk for injury or illness resulting from exercise. For example:
Untreated significant atlantoaxial instability
Severe pulmonary hypertension


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Not Applicable



Min Age

10 Years

Max Age

17 Years

Download Date

January 26, 2022

Principal Investigator

Emily Jean Davidson, MD, MPH

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The Impact of an 8-week Supported Exercise Program on Fitness and Symptoms in Adolescents With Down Syndrome NCT03192540