Cardiac Inpatient Unit

Each year, the 42-bed Cardiac Inpatient Unit at Boston Children's Hospital provides around-the-clock care and monitoring to thousands of children—and adults—with acquired or congenital heart defects, from simple to complex cases.

Staffed by highly-trained cardiologists, cardiac nurses, Child Life specialists and dieticians, our goal is simple: to make sure your child is comfortable and getting the best care possible. Our specialized training in pediatric cardiology means that we understand the unique challenges, circumstances and intricacies of working with young people who have heart disease and other heart ailments.

Family-Centered Care

From the moment your child is admitted to Boston Children’s, you are welcomed as a member of our care team. We will describe every aspect of your child’s care and keep you informed every step of the way. Because you know your child best, your input in encouraged. So don’t be afraid to ask questions or make suggestions. 

The Cardiac Inpatient Unit is designed to make children feel more relaxed during a hospital stay. For young children, we have a playroom just down the hallway from the patient rooms, filled with toys, puzzles and books. Older children can take advantage of our Activity Room, with books, video games and computers.