Adolescent Substance Use & Addiction Program | Our Services

A team approach to care

ASAP’s approach to treating adolescent substance use helps patients and families deal with the root problems that are often responsible for substance problems. ASAP’s team includes psychiatrists and social workers trained to uncover and address the emotional and mental health issues that frequently contribute to young people’s problems with alcohol and drugs. ASAP treats mental health problems and gives patients and their families the tools to cope with emotional distress that sometimes underpins substance use by connecting parents to a network of parents who are dealing with similar issues.

By helping families deal with these psychological issues, the ASAP team helps to prevent young people from returning to substance use down the road. To maintain, confidentiality and build trust, adolescents and parents are assigned to different clinicians who work together to engage and support and the entire family. Our team-based approach ensures that everyone who takes care of your child and family will understand the specific issues and challenges you face and give consistent advice. The multi-disciplinary approach is reflected in the treatment plan, which could include input from experts in pediatrics, child development, education, psychiatry and counseling.

Comprehensive Evaluation and Diagnostic Assessment

The diagnostic assessment takes place over the course of three appointments scheduled in a two- to three-week period. The exact configuration of appointments may vary depending slightly depending on availability and scheduling.

During these visits, the adolescent and their family members meet individually with a pediatric clinician and a mental health provider. Each appointment lasts about an hour.

  • The adolescent will meet with a pediatric clinician and their parents/guardians will meet with a mental health clinician.
  • The adolescent will meet with a mental health clinician and their parents/guardians will meet with a pediatric clinician.
  • Our clinical team will meet to discuss the information we have gathered, and will make treatment recommendations.
  • The family will meet with one clinician to discuss impressions, treatment and recommendations and options.

Treatment plans may include some of the following:

  • group therapy
  • individual therapy
  • psychopharmacology
  • drug testing program
  • medication assisted treatment

Note: ASAP’s drug testing is part of a treatment program. ASAP does not offer one-time drug tests for adolescents outside of the program.