Current Environment:

  • All staff wear appropriate PPE; we ask that all parents and children wear masks whenever possible. We will provide you with a mask if you do not have one.
  • We see both well visits and sick visits at both of our locations.  If you are coming to Newton Corner and are symptomatic, please call the office before coming in.  If you are being seen at NWH, you can come straight in unless you know you are positive for COVID-19, in which case we ask that you call before entering the building.
  • If you are being seen at the NWH location please call 617-969-8989. For Newton Corner, please call 617-969-8989 and then press 8.
  • Occasionally, a Virtual Visit (telehealth) is appropriate. Health insurers cover these visits the same way they cover an in-person visit.
  • In order to have a virtual visit, you must sign up for MyChart (our electronic health record portal); all patients 13 years and older MUST have their own account.
  • We support and encourage vaccinating all children 6 months and older against COVID-19.