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Clinician space at Pediatrics at Newton Wellesley

At PNW we provide breastfeeding counseling and management support to families who are thinking about breastfeeding or have questions or concerns during the course of breastfeeding. A lactation appointment can be made with Genevra Casais, CPNP, Kathleen James, CFNP, CLC, or Sherry Maloney, NP, IBCLC; Kathleen and Sherry are both Certified Lactation Consultants. All have extensive experience in breastfeeding management, as well as, providing pediatric primary care for over 20 years.

Our staff are passionate and committed to supporting mother-infant relationships during the breastfeeding experience and beyond. Genevra, Kathleen, and Sherry are all available for private breastfeeding consultations in our office and telephone support. Our skilled triage nurses are also available during office hours and adept at answering a large variety of questions regarding breastfeeding.