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"I've taken both my kids to see Dr. Clifford for 3+ years...Both my kids love the doctor and the nurses. Nurses are crazy fast with any vaccination shots (a huge plus with toddlers), and very caring. Dr. Clifford has been the PCP for both my kids and has always been great--through ear infections, chronic croup, and everyday care. She always listens to our concerns (even when we are at times worrying for no good reason), and takes the time to talk to us--even staying well past closing hours recently to see our son (who, as it turned out, had an ear infection to go with his 102 temp). I've used the off hours hotline several times, too, with good results. I have never once doubted our decision to take our kids here and would recommend to other parents without hesitation."

Abigail G.

"We have been with this practice and Dr. Clifford for five years now...Dr. Clifford is so calm and puts you totally at ease. I have never seen her rushing through her appointments. When she is in the room with you, she gives you all the time you need. She answers all questions in a manner we can understand, and sometimes answers the same questions multiple times without getting annoyed!

When I was expecting my second child I made sure immediately that Dr. Clifford was accepting new patients and that she will be our pediatrician again. Both my kids love her! My two year old toddler has never cried during her appointment with Dr. Clifford and that's saying something.

- Rutwa N.



"Dr. Rita Delollis was the best doctor I have ever had in my life...I could tell she truly cared about me, and each and every staff member whether it was a nurse or a receptionist made me feel as comfortable as possible. She goes above and beyond at her job, making sure I was 100% taken care of...She wasn’t just concerned about my routine physicals, she cared about my emotional well-being too...You can seriously tell she truly cares about her patients, she will do everything in her power for them. Thank you, Dr. Rita."

- Casey C.



I have been bringing my children to Pediatric Associates of Medford (previously Medford Pediatrics) for 40 years. Yes, you read that correctly 40 years...As a mom, of course, my concern is the responsiveness to my concerns which are always immediate and thorough. As an RN I see things through a different set of eyes those of competency. Consistently Medford Pediatrics has seen my children promptly, followed up on issues, visited them daily during inpatient stays and most importantly know when to refer. The office staff is prompt and reliable in following through on requests. I only wish that my own internal medicine practice was so thorough."

- Janine L.



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