Ingrid Holm, MD, MPH

Ingrid Holm, MD, MPH

Associate Physician in Medicine; Member, Bone Health Program

Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School

  • Contact: Bone Health: 617-355-6021, Endocrine: 617-355-7476

  • Fax: 617-730-0245

Medical Services


  • Skeletal Dysplasias
  • Genetics
  • Genetics of Endocrine Disorders
  • Sex Chromosome Abnormalities
  • Bone Health


  • Endocrinology
  • Genetics and Genomics
  • Medicine


  • Genetics Program
  • Bone Health Program
  • Disorders of Sex Development (DSD) and Gender Management Service (GeMS)
  • Endocrinology Program
  • Rett Syndrome Program
To schedule an appointment: Call Bone Health: 617-355-6021, Endocrine: 617-355-7476

Experience and Education


Undergraduate, Psychology

Brown University, 9/75-6/79

Providence, RI

Medical School

UCLA School of Medicine, 9/81-6/85

Los Angeles, CA

Graduate School, Masters of Public Health

Harvard School of Public Health, 7/01-6/03

Boston, MA

Fellowship, Genetics and Pediatric Endocrinology

Boston Children's Hospital, 7/88-6/92

Boston, MA

Internship, Pediatrics

Boston Children's Hospital, 7/85-6/86

Boston, MA

Residency, Pediatrics

Boston Children's Hospital, 7/86-6/88

Boston, MA


  • Pediatric Endocrinology, Medical Genetics


My research focuses on the genetics of bone disorders. I have performed research in the role of mutations in the PHEX gene in hypophosphatemic rickets. My studies have sought to elucidate the genetic and environmental components of disorders of bone mineralization. I am particularly interested in the contribution of environmental factors to the low bone mass seen in individuals with neuromuscular diseases, such as muscular dystrophy. I am interested in the genetics of complex traits. As director of the Phenotype Core of the Program in Genomics, I have worked with researchers to develop clinical genetic research projects in diabetes, autism, congenital heart disease, and atopic dermatitis, and have my own project in the genetic contributions to congenital hip dysplasia.

To schedule an appointment: Call Bone Health: 617-355-6021, Endocrine: 617-355-7476


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