Female Athlete Program

Leading the way for female athletes

The number of girls and young women in competitive sports has skyrocketed in the last few decades. At the same time, Boston Children’s Hospital Sports Medicine —the first pediatric sports medicine center in the US — has grown and specialized to meet the unique needs of female athletes.

Our Female Athlete Program is comprised of leaders in sports medicine who are intent on helping and supporting young women in sports. The Sports Medicine team cares for athletes of all ages, from elite professionals to eager novices, and is leading the way in specialized care and research.

Our approach

We use a comprehensive approach to diagnosis, treatment and management to keep female athletes healthy and at the top of their game. Our caregivers assess the whole athlete and evaluate exercise habits, hormonal balance and nutritional needs — not just symptoms and injuries — to ensure peak performance.

Female Athlete Triad

We specialize in caring for patients with the Female Athlete Triad. This condition is characterized by low energy availability, menstrual dysfunction and decreased bone-mineral density. The Female Athlete Triad may also be referred to as Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport or RED-S. This more inclusive term recognizes that there may be other health and performance consequences from low energy availability and that men can also be affected.

Our clinical team helps young female athletes increase their energy availability, resume regular menstrual cycles, improve bone health and address any other health and performance concerns.

Female Athlete Health Guides

To help female athletes stay at the top of their game, our world-renowned experts have created a suite of educational guides.