Female Athlete Program

Nearly 3.2 million girls compete in high school sports, more than ten times as many as in in the 1970s. Likewise, more women play collegiate sports than ever before. Whether playing at a recreational or national level, millions of young women are redefining the boundaries of what female athletes can do through the participation in sports and other athletics.

The benefits are many. In addition to building stronger, healthier bodies, athletic activity can build self-esteem. However, the drive to excel can also put athletes at risk. Injuries such as concussions, stress fractures, and ligament tears can sideline young athletes whose identities revolve around their sport. Further, many young athletes respond to the pressure to perform by cutting back on meals, depriving their bodies of fuel they need for rigorous training.

Leaders in comprehensive care

The Female Athlete Program at Boston Children's Hospital takes a comprehensive approach to diagnosing, treating, and managing sports injuries in female athletes. We start by assessing the whole athlete, including exercise habits, hormonal balance, and nutritional needs ¾ not just symptoms and injuries ¾ to ensure peak performance.