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Laura M.  Bogart, PhD

laura bogart
Medicine Research
General Pediatrics Research
Hospital Title:
Associate Scientific Researcher, Division of General Pediatrics
Academic Title:
Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School
Research Focus Area:
DiscriminationStigmaObesity preventionHIV Treatment Adherence
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Research Overview

Laura M. Bogart, PhD is Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School, and Associate Scientific Researcher of the Division of General Pediatrics at Boston Children’s Hospital.  She specializes in the application of social psychological theory to understanding and reducing health disparities.  Much of her research examines stigma, discrimination, and medical mistrust.  She has shown that stigma and mistrust are related to worse HIV prevention and treatment behaviors and to poor health.  She also conducts adolescent obesity research.

Dr. Bogart’s NIH-funded research includes a community based participatory research project to conduct a randomized controlled trial of a culturally relevant treatment education intervention to improve adherence and retention in care among African Americans living with HIV; a study examining the flow of HIV-related mistrust, accurate HIV information, and HIV stigma through the social networks of African Americans living with HIV, with a focus on how social network factors influence adherence and retention in care over time; a project to develop and pilot test an intervention to address coping with discrimination and mistrust among HIV-positive Black and Latino men who have sex with men; and a study in South Africa to test a worksite-based parenting intervention to teach parents how to talk with their adolescents about healthy sexuality and HIV.  She is also conducting intervention development research on linkage to care after HIV testing in fishing communities in Uganda.

About Laura Bogart, PhD

Dr. Bogart received her PhD in Social Psychology from the University of Pittsburgh in 1997.  Before joining Boston Children’s Hospital in 2008, Dr. Bogart was a Senior Behavioral Scientist at RAND Corporation.  She is Associate Editor and Health Disparities Special Section Editor of Annals of Behavioral Medicine, and a fellow in the Society of Behavioral Medicine and the American Psychological Association (Division 38, Health Psychology).  She is a member of the Behavioral and Social Consequences of HIV/AIDS (BSCH) NIH study section.

Active Projects

2009-2014       Medical Mistrust, Social Networks, and Disparities in HIV Care Among Blacks

Principal Investigator

This project aims to identify social network sources of HIV-related information among African Americans with HIV; examine ways in which social network characteristics related to HIV mistrust are associated with HIV treatment behaviors; and partner with community stakeholders to identify novel interventions to address mistrust and improve HIV treatment behaviors for African Americans living with HIV.

2010-2014       A South African Pilot Worksite Parenting Program To Prevent HIV among Adolescents

Principal Investigator

The goal of this project was to adapt a US-developed worksite-based program for parents of adolescents to two cultures in South Africa and to examine the program’s feasibility and preliminary effects on parent-child communication about HIV and sexual risk.

2011-2015       Treatment Advocacy Intervention for HIV-Positive African Americans

NIHMD R01 MD006058
Principal Investigator

The research is a randomized controlled trial of a culturally relevant treatment advocacy intervention for African Americans living with HIV. It is conducted in partnership with AIDS Project Los Angeles (APLA) using principles of community-based participatory research (CBPR).

2012-2015       Pilot Intervention for Discrimination and Mistrust Among HIV Positive Black Men

NIMH R34 MH096544
Principal Investigator

This project is developing and pilot testing an intervention to improve coping skills for discrimination and reduce medical mistrust among African American men who have sex with men living with HIV. A supplement is examining similar issues among Latinos.

2013-2015       Community HIV Testing and Linkage to Care in Uganda

NIMH R21 MH098657
Principal Investigator

This project is using mixed methods to explore and pilot test barriers to community HIV testing in fisherfolk communities; to develop a linkage-to-care intervention that is integrated into post-test counseling; and to conduct a small feasibility test of the intervention.


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