Central venous line insertion

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A central venous line (CVL) catheter is placed into a centrally located vein—typically in your child’s neck, chest or groin—so doctors can give her fluids, nutrients or medication over a long period of time. The Division of Interventional Radiology uses ultrasound and a special type of x-ray technology, called fluoroscopy, to guide the placement of the catheter.

How Boston Children’s Hospital approaches CVL insertion

This procedure is performed by interventional radiologists who are highly trained in placing these catheters in infants and children.

In addition to the interventional radiologist, your child will be treated by a team of anesthesiologists, nurse practitioners, nurses and technologists who specialize in caring for children undergoing interventional radiology procedures and treatments.

We perform CVL insertions in the interventional radiology suite on the second floor of the hospital, which features three procedure rooms equipped with the latest imaging technology, a recovery area for patients who have received sedation or anesthesia, and examining rooms for outpatient visits.

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