Encephalitis pediatric research and clinical trials

At Boston Children’s Hospital, we’re known for our science-driven approach and our intense culture of innovation—a philosophy that lets us push the boundaries of pediatric care.

Our patients benefit from our Pediatric Neuro-immunology Program expertise: We are a main referral center for pediatric encephalitis in New England. We also have strong ties to the small network of physicians and researchers all over the country who are working to better understand, diagnose and treat this extremely rare condition.

The goal of the Department of Neurology is to develop programmatic areas of relevance to the developing brain and to integrate clinical and basic neuroscience. Research areas within our department include clinical departments:

  • Developmental Neurophysiology Laboratory (through the Epilepsy Center and Clinical Neurophysiology)
  • Electromyography (EMG) Laboratory
  • Neuromuscular Center
  • Center for Pediatric Epilepsy Research (through the Epilepsy Center and Clinical Neurophysiology)