Broken Leg Pediatric Research and Clinical Trials

Research & Innovation

Boston Children's Hospital's pioneering research in orthopedics helps provide children with the most innovative care available. Read the information below to learn more.

Clinical research leaders in the Orthopedic Center at Boston Children’s are recognized throughout the world for their respective achievements. Our orthopedic research team includes:

  • Full-time basic scientists
  • More than 28 clinical investigators
  • A team of research coordinators and statisticians

New trauma/ER database

Boston Children’s has begun to track and compile data about outcomes in orthopedic ER trauma cases to help us pinpoint the best ways to treat these injuries. Among the details we’re tracking are:

  • Type and location of fractures (such as an end-of-the-radius/wrist fracture)
  • Outcome (quality improvement)
  • Did the injury require admission to the hospital
  • How was the injury initially treated

The information gathered from this ongoing tracking study will further influence how specialists in Boston Children’s Orthopedic Trauma Program care for children by providing accurate, comprehensive tracking and outcomes data.