Broken Femur Thigh Bone

What is a broken femur?

A broken femur (thigh bone) is a break in your child’s longest, largest, heaviest and strongest bone. The femur makes normal standing and walking possible. Although it’s a difficult bone to break, femur fractures in childhood are not uncommon.

Because of the femur’s great strength and size, fractures tend to occur only when the bone is hit with a very strong force. Femur fractures are serious injuries but most can heal without surgical treatment.

What differentiates the femur from the other bones in a child’s leg?

The leg extends from the pelvis to the knee (thigh) and from the knee to the ankle (lower leg). The leg has three long bones—the femur, tibia and fibula—as well as a fourth bone, the patella, also known as the kneecap. 

Lower extremity anatomy of the leg