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Robert’s Program works with the Massachusetts Office of the Chief Medical Examiner (OCME) to evaluate the cases of children who die suddenly and unexpectedly under the age of three in Massachusetts. We provide testing for metabolic, cardiac and neurologic abnormalities. We also complete a full assessment of the family medical history and relevant genetic testing of the parents when they consent to participation.

Our program currently focuses on Massachusetts, but we are available to informally discuss cases. We are also happy to receive research referrals from outside of Massachusetts.

We have a strong collaboration with the Massachusetts OCME to evaluate a child’s death with enhanced neurological and genetic testing. The unique relationship between Robert’s Program and the OCME works to standardize nomenclature and improve communication with bereaved families through explanation and support.

For Massachusetts families enrolled in Robert’s program, we are happy to include primary medical providers in our discussion with the family and share our conclusions.

For further information on sudden unexpected death in pediatrics, you can visit the following websites:


Robert's Program Newsletter, End of Year 2017


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