Programs and Services | Pathology

Anatomic Pathology has eleven major Divisions and Clinical Specialties, to include:

Anatomic Pathology 617-355-7431
Mark Fleming, MD, DPhil, Pathologist-in-Chief
Theonia Boyd, MD, Director, Anatomic Pathology

Diagnostic Surgical Pathology
Antonio Perez-Atayde, MD, Director

Lisa Teot, MD, Director

Autopsy Pathology
Harry P.W. Kozakewich, MD, Director

Patient Safety and Quality Assurance
Sara O. Vargas, MD, Director

GI Pathology
Jeffrey Goldsmith, MD, Director

Hart Lidov, MD, PhD, Director

Renal Pathology
Seymour Rosen, MD, Director

Birgitta Schmidt, MD, Director

Cardiac Pathology
Stephen Sanders, MD, Director

Olga Weinberg, MD, Director

Molecular Pathology
Marian Harris, MD, PhD, Director