Case Management Center | Programs and Services

As part of our clinical case management services, we:

  • Collaborate with patients, families and the health care team to promote comprehensive care for inpatients and timely access to internal health care resources and support services
  • Collaborate with on-site liaisons from payers, community health agencies and government agencies
  • Provide case management consultation to inpatient clinicians and to clinicians in our ambulatory clinics and day surgical programs
  • Coordinate discharge planning activities for hospitalized and emergency room patients. This begins upon admission and prior to admission, when necessary and possible. To promote quality discharge plans, we:
    • Assess services and/or resources that may be needed to support the family's ability to care for the child at home.
    • Collaborate with patients, families and clinicians to develop plans for safe and appropriate discharges. This may include conversations with families, clinicians and community providers prior to admission to anticipate needs.
    • Coordinate referrals, as appropriate, for community health services, rehabilitation, and skilled nursing facilities.
    • Negotiate with insurers and other funding sources for coverage of services, equipment, medications and supplies necessary for post-hospitalization care
    • Initiate referrals for available case management services by payer organizations, government agencies and community providers.
    • Provide information and referrals for additional community resources through such organizations as Department of Public Health, Early Intervention Programs and other support agencies.    


    Outpatient Vascular Access Program

    Patients of the Children's Outpatient Vascular Access Program need special arrangements for home intravenous (IV) therapy. Case managers or clinic nurses work with the clinicians in this program to ensure that home care services are coordinated. They are contacted whenever a patient is scheduled for IV line placement and subsequent home IV therapy.

    The case manager or clinic nurse will contact the patient and/or family to discuss the anticipated plan for home after the IV appointment. In many cases, this will be done before the visit occurs. He/she will then make arrangements with a home infusion company to provide the home services and to check insurance coverage for the home IV therapy. Also, a clinician from the home infusion company will arrange for IV teaching during the appointment. Prescriptions and a patient care referral will be prepared by the team in the outpatient unit and faxed to the home infusion company.

    Sometimes referring health care providers will make the home care arrangements described above in advance of the patient's visit to the clinic. Likewise, some patients may already be working with home infusion companies. In these cases, the case manager will ensure that all aspects of the home care plan are coordinated and arranged before the patient and family leave the outpatient unit.

    Please contact the Case Management Center at Boston Children's Hospital if you have any questions or concerns about our role and responsibilities for the Outpatient Vascular Access Program. Our phone number is 617-355-6540.

    Outpatient International Case Management Program

Patient and Family Information

At Boston Children's Hospital, we encourage you to be actively involved in your child's care while you are at the hospital and after you leave. Our case managers and case management staff will help make sure that your transition home or to another facility is safe and smooth.

Boston Children's International Outpatient Case Management Program provides a range of services for patients and families visiting the hospital from other countries.

       Hours of operation: Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. EST

       Telephone: 01-617-919-1280

       Fax: 01-617-730-7661


If you need to contact our office after our hours of operation, please leave a voice message and someone will get back to you within 24 hours.


Please call or email Case Management when you need:

  • Medications from embassy-dedicated pharmacies or compounding pharmacies, or if you need help getting an authorization for the medication from your insurance company
  • Oral and enteral therapies, such as formula, enteral supplies, g-tube, or feeding bags
  • Infusion therapies, such as intravenous therapy (IV) fluids, medications, total parenteral nutrition (TPN) or line supplies
  • Home care services, such as skilled nursing visits and private duty nursing
  • Medical equipment, such as durable medical equipment like wheelchairs, walkers, or shower chairs
  • Respiratory equipment and supplies, such as a nebulizer, oximeter, ventilator, suction, or oxygen
  • Medical transportation assistance, with air ambulance or commercial flight with medical escor


Your home mailing address: Please tell us RIGHT AWAY if your home mailing address changes. We need to have enough time to let all of your vendors know about the change so there won't be delays in your service.

Medication and supply refills: We need five business days' notice (not including Saturdays, Sundays and U.S. holidays) for monthly medication refills and/or supply refill requests. This is to make sure the right medications are delivered to you on time. 

  • For 90-day packages of medications or supplies, we need seven business days' notice to make sure they are delivered to you before you leave.

Prescriptions: If a doctor or nurse gives you a prescription during your visit, please bring a copy of the prescription to the International Center as soon as possible. Case Management will send the prescription to the pharmacy to deliver the medication to your temporary home.

Temporary housing delivery: You must have a residential address (including apartment number) for deliveries, meaning you cannot have medications and supplies delivered to a place of work.

  • Please be aware that vendors may deliver your medications and supplies to the reception desk of your temporary home. be sure to check the reception desk for deliveries every day.