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An overview of ASD research at Boston Children’s

Boston Children’s Autism Spectrum Center and Translational Neuroscience Center are at the forefront of autism research. We are conducting a variety of studies of autism and related genetic disorders, ranging from clinical drug trials to laboratory studies seeking a better way to diagnose ASD and to uncover the treatments of tomorrow. ASD patient with doctor

Our basic understanding of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is changing rapidly. Studies in the laboratories at Boston Children’s—from cellular studies to electroencephalogram (EEG) readings of children’s brains—support the idea that autism is caused by altered patterns of brain connections. In other words, the research supports the feeling many families have that the brains of children with ASD are “wired differently.” The difference may be there at birth but may only start to become evident over time as children begin to interact with their environment.

We do know that there are many biological paths to ASD. Many different genetic changes have been connected with ASD. We’re just at the beginning of finding these changes and understanding how they lead to autism—and learning more every day.

EEG patterns may provide subtle early cues to ASD at as early as 6 months of age.

We are also looking at a variety of “biomarkers” that could detect ASD very early—even during infancy. From blood tests to EEG patterns, these potentially could allow children to be diagnosed and treated much earlier than they are today.

Finally, we do clinical studies to understand which interventions work best for children with ASD, including new medications emerging from the laboratory work that have the potential to treat the core symptoms of ASD, rather than just manage behaviors.

Recent ASD Research Highlights

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