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Oren Ganor | Education

Medical School

The Hebrew University

2007, Jerusalem, Israel


Rabin Medical Center

2013, Petah Tikva, Israel


Microsurgery & Breast Reconstruction

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

2014, Boston, MA


Craniofacial & Pediatric Plastic Surgery

Boston Children's Hospital

2015, Boston, MA

Oren Ganor | Professional History

Dr. Ganor arrived in Boston as a fellow in Reconstructive Breast and Microsurgery at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. In the following year, he joined Boston Children’s Hospital as a Pediatric Plastic Surgery fellow. Upon graduation of these two Harvard Medical School fellowship programs, he stayed as a full staff member at the Boston Children’s Hospital.

Dr. Ganor received his MD from The Hebrew University Hadassah Medical School in Israel. He completed his postgraduate training at Rabin Medical Center, just outside Tel-Aviv.

His research interests and clinical passion are in the fields of reconstructive microsurgery, Romberg Disease & Soft Tissue Deficits, Breast Surgery and cleft lip & palate.

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