Current Environment:

Carlena Reagan | Education

Undergraduate School

SUNY Oneonta

2015, Oneonta, NY

Graduate School

Boston College

2017, Chestnut Hill, MA

Carlena Reagan | Professional History

Carlena has worked with a variety of populations across the mental health field, supporting clients and families of all ages, with various presenting concerns and backgrounds. For a number of years Carlena worked with a mobile crisis team, focusing on acute intervention, crisis assessment, safety planning, and facilitating both short and long-term supports. Additionally, she has worked with multiple college institutions providing brief and long-term counseling, with engagement in programming and community outreach. Carlena has a background in advocacy related to populations experiencing different forms of interpersonal violence, with a history of working on a residential unit for individuals diagnosed with OCD, and engaged in a variety of courses focusing on identity-related concerns and gender dysphoria.

My goal is to provide holistic and evidenced-based care for individuals and families of all ages and backgrounds. Graduating from the Mental Health Counselor program at Boston College, social justice and advocacy remain an important part of my focus in supporting a client, and ensuring uniquely tailored and creative solutions to various mental health and behavioral concerns.