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Having a baby is an exciting, life-changing experience and we are committed to helping you care for your new baby. We provide a free prenatal "meet the doctor" visit. It is best to schedule this visit one to two months before the baby's due date. During this visit you can tour the office, ask questions and discuss various topics with Dr. Feldman, including his approach to illness, treatments of diseases, role of vaccines in disease prevention, breastfeeding and parenting advice. By selecting a pediatrician you are comfortable with before the arrival of your baby you will be more confident during the first months of parenthood, knowing you have a trusted advisor. You will also have help responding to any complications of the first days including prematurity and feeding concerns.

If you are planning to deliver your baby at Melrose-Wakefield Hospital, Dr. Feldman will examine your newborn in the hospital and visit with you to answer your questions, and guide you through the first few days with your baby. If your baby is born elsewhere, Dr. Feldman suggests that you schedule the first office visit for two to three days after the baby leaves the hospital.

Transferring patients

We welcome families who are transferring from another practice to ours. If you would like to meet with Dr. Feldman prior to selecting our office to care for your child, he offers a free "meet the doctor" visit. The first thing to do is to request a copy of your child's complete medical record from their current doctor. Either request a copy be sent to your home or sent directly to our office. If you like, you may print a copy of the Request for Medical Records Form. Fill it out and forward it to your current physician's office.

You must also notify your insurance carrier that you have changed primary care doctor and have chosen Dr. Feldman as your child's PCP.

To make the transition smoother, please print out and complete one New Patient Registration Form for your family and one Past Medical History Form for each child before your child's first visit and bring it with you to the office for Dr. Feldman to review. For multiple children you will need to fill out the family history section for only one child.

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