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Many families use the emergency room or urgent care centers after office hours for medical care. We would like patients and families to be aware that Dr. Feldman is on call most days and nights to answer questions and to guide families when they have accidental injuries, sudden onset of illness, or encounter new situations about which the family needs advice. At night or weekends, there is always a pediatrician on call to answer questions and to discuss any problems which are occurring. For some problems we will recommend the ER, but for others will suggest home remedies; some will require an office visit the next day, and other patients may need orders sent to the hospital or a prescription sent to a pharmacy. We can determine this only when we have a conversation. We can help to guide you in the right direction, saving you time and sometimes money and often hassles. Please call 781-662-4560 whenever you are unsure what to do for your child. CALL US FIRST, unless it is truly an emergency that cannot wait 15 minutes; in that situation call 911.

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