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Accepted insurance

Please be sure to contact your health insurance company to confirm that our providers are in network with your family's specific plan.

Medicine refills

We know you are busy with your families, so please feel free to call in refills for conditions that your children have been seen for. As a rule, we do not call in prescriptions for conditions we have not seen. When calling in medication refills please allow 3-5 business days to process your request. Some medications require a paper copy (pain medications, and ADHD medications such as Ritalin or Concerta etc.) so please allow enough time for us to mail this to you or so you can arrange to pick it up.

Health forms

Forms required for Daycare, camp and school can be filled out if we have seen your child for a physical in the last year. After each physical exam we provide a health record which you can keep in your files and make copies as needed. If these forms are lost we can provide copies for a small fee. Please give us 3-5 business days to fill out these forms and please provide us with a self-addressed and stamped envelope to return these to you if you are not picking them up.


Vaccines save lives! Vaccines are the single most important health promoting intervention we give to our patients at Belmont-Cambridge Health Care. We stand by the safety of the vaccines and the vaccination schedule recommended by the Academy of Pediatrics. We believe, based on all available literature and evidence from controlled research studies, that vaccines and currently used preservatives do not cause autism or other developmental disabilities. We realize this may be a very difficult choice for some of our patients. If you have doubts about the vaccines, we would be happy to discuss your concerns with you.

For more information, here are some websites about the topic.

Additional resources

Recommended books

  • Raising Cain-Protecting the Emotional Life of Boys, Dan Kindlon, PHD
  • Touchpoints, T. Berry Brazelton
  • How to Talk So Teens Will Listen & So Teens Will Talk, Adele Faber

Web resources

We think the internet is a valuable tool for patient information but not all websites are created equal. Here is a list of some websites we have found useful. Please let us know if you have any sites you find helpful - we are always looking to add new information.

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