Pelvic Pain


Adolescent girls and women frequently experience pain in the region below the belly button and between the hips, commonly called pelvic pain. Depending on the cause of the discomfort, pelvic pain and can either be short-lived or chronic.

  • Up to 33 percent of women will have pelvic pain during their lifetime.
  • Pelvic pain can range from mild and annoying to severe, and interfere with sleep, work and daily activities.
  • The cause of pelvic pain is often difficult to identify, but that doesn't mean the pain isn't real and treatable.

Stress and depression can manifest as pelvic pain. Chronic pain can also lead to depression.


How Boston Children's Hospital approaches pelvic pain

At Children's, the Gynecology Program can help young women determine the cause of the pelvic pain, and also provide testing to identify any potentially life-threatening condition. The Center for Young Women's Health provides information and support to young women who may be dealing with chronic pelvic pain.