Myopia (nearsightedness) means that your child can see close up, but has problems seeing things far away. Vision problems may be classified as refractive errors or non-refractive errors. Myopia is a refractive error.

  • Myopia and other refractive errors are seen in 20 percent of children.
  • Myopia is the most common of the refractive error seen in children.
  • It is usually not present at birth, but begins to develop as your child gets older.

How Children's approaches myopia

The Low Vision Service at Boston Children's Hospital is one of the few services of its kind in New England devoted exclusively to meeting the unique needs of children with a wide range of visual disorders. The service is aimed at determining what visual aids can help your child best utilize his remaining vision to its fullest potential—whether we are helping him to participate in school, read, write, see the blackboard or learn to drive.