Intussusception Pediatric Patient Stories

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Max's visit to the ER: The day two hospitals saved one very sick little boy 

Dr. Theresa Becker is a Boston Children's Hospital pediatric emergency physician who works full time at Beverly Hospital. One Friday night, Max Chilton and his mom learned why that's so important to all of us here on the North Shore.

Max had stomach pains earlier in the day and by 10PM he was writhing in pain and vomiting. Even though they live in Marblehead, Max's mom decided to bring him to Beverly Hospital.

In the emergency room, Dr. Becker recognized Max's symptoms as a serious condition called Intussusception, where one part of the intestine folds into another. Immediately, she had Max and his mom transported to Boston Children's Hospital where he had surgery to successfully correct the condition.

As a verified Level III Trauma Center, Beverly Hospital's emergency room is prepared for anything, every day. And through our collaboration with Boston Children's Hospital, we can promise our young patients - and their moms - they'll always get the specialized, expert attention they need.