Growth Problems


"Growth problems" is a broad phrase used to describe various causes and effects of conditions relating to your child’s insufficient growth.

  • About 3 to 5 percent of children are considered to be short, meaning that their heights are below the 3rd or 5th percentiles on a growth chart. Many of these children have one or more short parent, and only a few will have a specific and treatable medical growth problem.
  • A growth problem may be clear at birth, if your child is abnormally small for his age. Or, it may surface if he remains underdeveloped compared to his peers.
  • A child is considered to show “growth delay” when he is small for his age, but grows for a longer period of time compared to other children, often reaching a normal height.

Here at Boston Children's Hospital, growth problems are treated through our General Endocrinology Program— through a multidisciplinary program that provides comprehensive diagnosis, treatment and management for patients with growth disorders and other disorders associated with the endocrine system.

We evaluate children with poor growth, improve their overall nutrition and promote healthful eating habits.