Testing & Diagnosis for Clubfoot in Children

At Boston Children's Hospital, we know that the first step to treating your child’s clubfoot is to form a timely, complete and accurate diagnosis.

Prenatal diagnosis of clubfoot

Most of the time, a baby’s clubfoot is diagnosed prenatally (before birth) with ultrasound.* About 10 percent of clubfeet can be diagnosed as early as 13 weeks into pregnancy. By 24 weeks, about 80 percent of clubfeet can be diagnosed, and this number steadily increases until birth.

If your child isn’t diagnosed prenatally, clubfoot can be seen and diagnosed at birth.

*One caveat: There’s about a 20 percent false-positive rate with ultrasound diagnosis.

Clubfoot diagnosis after birth

Exams and tests that may help confirm a diagnosis of clubfoot include:

•   physical exam, including a complete family history
•   x-ray
•   computerized tomography scan (CT or CAT scan)