Voice And Velopharyngeal Dysfunction Center Your Visit

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Diagnosis And Evaluation

A typical voice evaluation takes approximately two hours. A patient / parental voice questionnaire is mailed out prior to a child's appointment, and is very helpful to improve the focus of your child's voice evaluation. 

Please click here to download the Voice Intake Questionnaire 

The complete evaluation includes:

  • Perceptual analysis: subjective assessment by an experienced pediatric voice clinician

  • Acoustic measurements: digital recording of your child's voice to allow for interpretation of fundamental frequency, range, loudness, and other characteristics

  • Electroglottography: a measure of "impedance" across the voice box, reflecting certain characteristics of vocal fold movement

  • Videolaryngoscopy with stroboscopic illumination: a view of the larynx and vocal folds, allowing for accurate diagnosis of the nature of the voice disorder

  • Videonasopharyngoscopy: an evaluation of palate closure against the posterior pharyngeal wall

  • Complete ear, nose, and throat evaluation

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