Regional Center For Poison Control And Prevention

The Regional Center for Poison Control and Prevention, based at Boston Children's Hospital, provides 24-hour treatment and advice to health care professionals and the public on all types of poisoning.

Our expertise

Our center handles on average 50,000 calls a year, providing information and assistance on a broad range of topics. In addition, we offer seminars on toxicology and poisoning prevention.

Our center at Boston Children's Hospital provides:

  • Emergency care and treatment
  • Follow-up services
  • Educational resources and materials
  • Expert consultations for complex poisoning cases
  • Patient referral resources
  • Assistance with the location of regional antidotes and unusual lab assays.

The center also manages the Harvard Medical Toxicology Fellowship Program. For more information, please visit the Clinician Resources page.

When to call 1-800-222-1222

Call our department at Boston Children's if your child may have swallowed poisonous material, taken medication incorrectly, ingested household products, been exposed to biologic and chemical substances or suffered a bug bite or sting.

Our staff

Some of our call center staff (left to right)
Front: Adina Sheroff, Iris Sheinhait
Back: Dennis Wigandt, Chris Vitale, Fred Aleguas 

The Regional Center for Poison Control and Prevention handles more than 50,000 calls a year, providing information and assistance with medication errors, ingestion of household products, bites and stings, and exposure to biologic and chemical substances.

Medical Director: Michele M. Burns, MD
Clinical Fellows: Rebecca Bruccoleri, MD; Bradley Demeter, MD


Edward Boyer, MD Katie Boyle, MD
Rebecca Bruccoleri, MD
Melissa Lai Becker, MD
Steve Salhanick, MD
Michael Ganetsky, MD
Russell Berger, MD
Katie O’Donnell, MD 

Additional Poison Center Staff

Certified Specialists

Joel Myers, FNP
Sneha Nair, PharmD
Adina Sheroff, RN
Iris Sheinhait, PharmD
Jessica Shi, RN
Sara Zhu, PharmD

Nadine Jaber, PharmD
Sneha Nair, PharmD
Ha Nguyen, PharmD
Information Providers (PIP)
Kevin McLaughlin

Administrative Staff
Program Coordinator: Caitlyn DeCastro, MPA
Administrative Associate: Michael Iocco, BS
Education Coordinator: Vacant