Injured Runner Clinic

Since 35 to 75 percent of runners need medical treatment each year for running-related injuries, running safely is crucial. The Injured Runners Clinic at Boston Children’s Hospital was developed to help runners of all ages and abilities who have chronic injuries.

Learn more about the Injured Runner Clinic at Boston Children's Hospital.The Injured Runners Clinic is very similar to our Sports Medicine Clinic. In addition to a clinical office visit with a sports medicine physician to address your injury, runners will receive a gait analysis and potentially other specialized services (such as compartment testing). All of this helps the physician identify the injury, its cause and ideas for preventing future recurrences.

Please note: patients need to be referred to this clinic. 

The visit is covered by most insurance providers, but check with your insurance representative for more information.

Scheduling an appointment

To schedule an appointment or for more information, please call 617-355-3501, or email


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“Dr. Whitney assured us that if Will did the work, he'd be able to run again in time for winter track season.”

Now that he’s running again after an avulsion fracture, Will Benoit is closing in on his next goal: two miles in under 10 minutes.