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In children with chronic, hard-to-manage headaches, the pain can significantly impact all aspects of life, including school performance, social activities, sleep, mood, appetite, and family interactions. 

Our specialists in the Headache Program at Boston Children’s Hospital have great expertise in diagnosing the various types of pediatric headaches and their causes. Together, we help young patients to manage their headache pain, and continue or return to their regular activities by working with patients and their families to ensure that each child we treat is able to meet his or her optimal ability to live life uninterrupted by pain.

Our approach

In order to find the most effective strategies and methods to help your children, our headache experts in the Department of Neurology collaborate with specialists from the Departments of Anesthesia and Psychiatry, as well as various forms of complementary medicine.

For children with chronic headaches that are especially challenging to manage, we have a clinic in Waltham that takes a multi-disciplinary approach to care. You can read more about this on our Multi-Disciplinary Headache Clinic page

At every step, we take the time to learn everything we can about your child’s condition, talk with you about our recommendations, and address your questions. We also coordinate your child’s headache management with the his or her primary care provider, who remains an essential member of the pain management team.

We offer

Convenient locations: Our headache specialists see patients in our Boston, Waltham, Lexington and Peabody locations. They also see patients at Boston Children's Physicians Weymouth.

Short wait time: We schedule new and urgent patients as soon as possible.

Boston Children’s is so much more than a hospital—it’s a community of researchers, clinicians, administrators, support staff, innovators, teachers, patients and families, all working together to make the impossible possible. ”
- Sandra L. Fenwick, President and CEO

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