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Frequently Asked Questions | Overview

This section is intended to provide answers to frequently asked questions about our research. If an answer provided here is not clear, if you want more details, if your question does not appear in this section, or if you have any comments, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to speak with you on the phone or communicate by email, whichever method is most convenient for you.


1) What is the purpose of the research?
2) What are the names of the investigators?
3) What agency is funding the research?
4) Besides donating blood and/or muscle tissue samples, are there other ways that I can help?



5) Who would be my contact person in the lab?

Science and Genetics

6) What is DNA?
7) What is a gene?
8) What is a protein?
9) What is a genetic variant?
10) Where can I search up-to-date information?
11) Will this research provide benefits now or just future generations?
12) There is no family history of neuromuscular disease in my family prior to my child. Can it be any cause and effect to cause a variant in the DNA in the mother or father before the child is born?


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