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Ways to Help | Overview


There are different ways in which you can help us in our efforts to learn more about the genetics of the congenital myopathies.

Participating in Research

Volunteering for participation in research studies opens the possibility of obtaining new insights on these rare disorders. This may eventually lead to improved diagnostic tests and therapies for the congenital myopathies.

Giving to Support Research

Many people ask what they can do to hasten our work to determine a cause or find a cure.  One important action you can take today is to make a gift to the Beggs Laboratory to support our research.  Every gift, no matter the size, plays a vital role in bringing us one step closer to an answer. When you make a gift, you will receive a gift acknowledgement for tax purposes. Your gift is tax deductible to the extent provided by law.


For more information about giving, please contact:

Children's Hospital Trust
1 Autumn Street, #731
Boston, MA 02215-5301
Ph: 617-355-6890

Heightening Awareness

You can also help by raising public and legislative awareness of the congenital myopathies. The more people learn about this rare group of diseases, the greater the possibility that sufficient funds will be raised for research and for assistance to individuals with congenital myopathies. We know of many individuals and diagnosis-specific groups who have made a difference by building awareness of the condition in their family. Here are some of the most successful approaches:

Write a letter to your community newspaper
Reach your Representatives in Congress and ask your friends and families to do the same
Participate at conferences, seminars, and health fairs
Think of ways you can help raise awareness!

This page was last updated October 21, 2020.