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Maternal Fetal Care Center (MFCC)

The Boston Children's Maternal Fetal Care Center are committed to using cutting-edge clinical research and innovative medicine and surgery to find ways to detect and treat fetal disorders.

The Athinoula A. Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging

The Athinoula A. Martinos Center at Massachusetts General Hospital is a a biomedical imaging center dedicated to fostering research that spans disciplines from the basic biosciences to clinical investigation to the development and medical application of new technologies.

Age-Dependent Analysis Techniques for Pediatric Structural and Diffusion MRI Data.

This project aims to develop a novel representation and computational tools that enable a better understanding of human brain development and to examine the effects of premature birth. We plan to introduce computational tools that may incorporate information from an age-dependent atlas into a template-based segmentation and registration algorithm. In the initial phase of this project, besides algorithm development, we are putting together a data base of manually annotated infant MRI scans. We need lots of help with this, so if you are detail-oriented and interested in neonatal and infant neuroanatomy, let us know!

(*) Contact person: Please, contact Will if you would like to get involved in this project. Most of the development work is carried out at the Martinos Center, MGH in the Charlestown Navy Yard, however, collaborators are working on manual segmentations and tool testing at Boston Children's Hospital as well.