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Blended Diets Ep. 1: Blended diets 101

Blenderized tube feed is the use of real blended foods and liquids that are delivered through a feeding tube when someone cannot eat enough, or at all, by mouth.

Blended Diets Ep. 2: Through thick and thin

Thicker fluids are beneficial to a tube feeding diet because they tend to help reflux and reduce vomiting in patients. Ingredients in your blends can affect how thick and thin they are.

Blended Diets Ep. 3: Personalizing your blend

It is important to get the right balance of calories from your macronutrients. Want to personalize your child’s blended diet?

Blended Diets Ep. 4: Planning ahead

Our families, in the Aerodigestive Center, use a blenderized tube feeding diet in a variety of ways. Get our tips and tricks for planning ahead with blended diets in the final episode of our video series on blended diets.